Autumn Wine Pairings

Autumn Wine Pairings

It's official, you can feel it in the crisp air, see it in the fallen leaves and hear it in the Sunday football chatter: we've reached the start of fall. In the spirit of harvest feasts and warming the hearth with good food and good company in preparation for the winter months ahead, we've assembled a list of some of our favorite autumn wine pairings, matching some classic fall flavors with the perfect wines.

Fall Firsts

Mashed sweet potatoes & Pinot noir

Autumn Wine Pairings
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Sweet potatoes are a fall harvest staple. And what’s more comforting for when the weather turns chilly than some rich mashed potatoes? Ditch the russet for its nuttier, sweeter cousin and try this savory and slightly-sweet mashed sweet potato recipe from Delish. Pair it with a light Pinot Noir and experience the spice aromas in the wine play nicely with the nuttiness of the sweet potato and sweetness from the maple syrup. The high acidity from the Pinot Noir will help cut through the richness inherent in this luxurious fall comfort favorite.

Aervana Select dial level recommendation: 15° - 30°

Apple cinnamon bacon bites & Riesling

Autumn Wine Pairings
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These delicious small bites are perfect for a fall cocktail party and will fly off the plate. Wrap a sweet apple with a bit of tartness— gala, fuji and golden delicious are all good bets— in bacon and give it a generous dusting of cinnamon-sugar for a craveable combination of sweet and savory. An off-dry Riesling will make the perfect match with its complementary sweet and acidic character. If you aren't already obsessed on first bite, wait to taste how the Riesling pairs with the spicy cinnamon and adds juicy depth to the bacon.

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Autumnal Mains

Classic beef stew & Cabernet Sauvignon

Autumn Wine Pairings
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This classic recipe from renowned Chef Jacques Pépin is sure to warm any home that may be experiencing seasonal affective disorder. He opts for a robust red wine in favor of stock, giving deep flavor to this harvest feast. A meal this hearty needs a wine that can stand up to it, and a bold Cabernet Sauvignon has just the robustness to make a pairing sing.

Aervana Select dial level recommendation: 50-70°

Butternut squash, sage, and parmesan pasties & Chenin blanc

Autumn Wine Pairings
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This non-traditional, vegetarian homage to the Cornish pasty makes fall's favorite vegetable, the squash, the star. Combined with onion, garlic, sage and parmesan, it's an irresistible mix. For a white wine pairing, try a Chenin blanc and look for a lean, minerally style. Fresh with nutty notes, the pairing is sure to add a layer of depth to the squash.

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Harvest Desserts

Classic pumpkin pie & Twany port

Autumn Wine Pairings
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Sometimes sweetness just needs more sweetness, as is the case when you pair a classic pumpkin pie with a glass of 20-year aged Twany port. With notes of dried orange, fig, toffee and spices, the port will find a welcome friend in the nutty, spicy-sweetness of this rich, cinnamon-spiced pie. A fall favorite for a good reason, this classic combo will have you feeling the spirit of the season.

Aervana Select dial level recommendation: 70°-90°

Honey-fried figs & Australian Shiraz

Autumn Wine Pairings
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For a bold dessert pairing that will shake off the cobwebs, try matching this honey-fried fig recipe from The Spruce Eats with a spicy Australian Shiraz. Pan-fried in honey and butter, the figs' natural sweetness shines. The peppery-bold spice in an Australian Shiraz will add a delicious edge to the sugary sweetness of the figs, with a jammy texture to match. Serve the figs alongside ice cream and thank yourself afterward.

Aervana Select dial level recommendation: 60°-80°

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