What People Are Saying

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    "Just pop it on, press a button, and wait for the goodness to flow."

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    "Let your wine breathe without having to wait, thanks to Aervana."

  • Best Electric Wine Aerator

    "Mimicking a tap, the one-touch mechanism dispenses your wine drip-free while the bottle stays upright, giving sediment the chance to settle at the bottom—meaning it won’t wind up in your glass."

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    "This aerator is 6-times more effective than other gravity-fed aerators on the market, thanks to its high-tech bells and whistles. Simply turn your wine into a tap by placing it on top of your bottle."

  • Cyndi F.

    I recently bought this as a gift for my son because he loves mine so much. He was thrilled with it. I’ve had mine for several years now and it’s always a hit our parties. We love it and it does a fantastic job aerating wine.

  • Doug M.

    WOW, this is an Awesome way to serve wine. We used to use a pour over / thru device which worked OK. Since we bought this a few weeks ago, we have used it almost daily. It does an amazing job of aerating the wine (great flavor) and it is neat and efficient. We have served a few friends and they immediately purchased one as well. Pumping aerated wine directly into the glass is so simple, makes serving easy and elegant.

  • Laurie K.

    So easy to use & it definitely makes a difference in the enjoyment of tasting and drinking wine. My husband always complained that it took too long to aerate the wine & that the wine never tasted as good a day after opening a bottle of wine. These are no longer issues, and I am very happy that he no longer has to dump the wine down the drain after a day or two. This is a great gift for those who really enjoy having their glass of wine.

  • Billy R.

    After purchasing my first Aervana Electric Wine Aerator, I have since purchase several more for gifts and to keep in other locations. We noticed the difference from the first pour and continue to enjoy the benefits of this equipment. Also, the customer service department at Aervana is second to none.