The Aervana Story

As many great memories and innovations do, Aervana began as an idea shared over a glass of wine.

We want to inspire more moments like these and further the appreciation of winemaking. By simplifying the aeration process, we want to enhance the flavor and experience of enjoying your favorite glass of wine.

Enhance your wine, enhance the moment.

Cheers, the Aervana Team

Two Ways to Aerate

For the wine connoisseurs, we released the Aervana Select in 2019, our professional-level aerator that allows you to fine-tune the amount of aeration to best fit the needs of the wine being served. With the Select, aerating any style of wine to perfection is as easy as the twist of a dial.

Serve Like a Sommelier

Say goodbye to messy decanters or aerating time delays. With the Aervana, simply push a button for instant wine aeration in any environment and in any quantity.

Aerate Instantly