The Aervana Story

It all began when our founder, Lou, and his daughter— in Sommelier training at the time— started taking home wines to taste and discuss together. As they stayed up nights sharing stories and impressions over wine, they realized properly aerating the wines that needed it tended to interrupt and distract from the wine experience.

Luckily, in this case, a problem came together with passion and expertise. Lou, a product developer by trade, was able to spend five years testing and developing our flagship product, the Aervana Original wine aerator— simplifying aeration, while doing it well.

“It is my goal to transform and enhance the way you and your friends enjoy wine.”

- Louis J. Christen III, President

Even more Aervana to Love

The release of the Aervana Essential in Glossy White made for the first exciting step in expanding the Aervana brand into a line of luxury wine products. The Essential takes the same amazing aeration functionality of the Aervana Original, restyles its design for a fresh, contemporary look and pares down some of the Original’s extra functions to arrive at our most approachable price yet for everyday wine drinkers. Now available in three distinct colors to choose from, our Saffron, Dusty Blue and Glossy White Essentials let you decide the perfect pop of color for your personal taste.

For the wine connoisseurs, we released the Aervana Select in 2019, our professional-level aerator that allows you to fine-tune the amount of aeration to best fit the needs of the wine being served. With the Select, aerating any style of wine to perfection is as easy as the twist of a dial.

Adds extra fun to your next get together

Say goodbye to messy decanters or aerating time-delays. With the Aervana, there’s no lifting, aiming, holding, or spilling. The Aervana technology of simply pushing a button for instant wine aeration can give you more freedom to enjoy wine in any environment, in any quantity, both quickly and easily.


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