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Aervana Select:
Wine aeration (re)defined

With the turn of a dial, the Aervana Select allows you to choose exactly the right amount of aeration for the wine being served. Available for purchase in mid 2019.

What's New

The Aervana Select follows-up from the original one-touch Aervana, introducing new features that take the classic design to the next level.


Variable Aeration

Adjustable Stainless-Steel Tube

Built-in Sediment Filter

One-Touch Dispensing


How is Select different?

Our goal with the original Aervana was to help people experience their wine at its best, instantly and in an elegant format, so that enjoying your wine properly aerated didn’t come at the cost of your time and convenience. Now, with our latest iteration of the Aervana, we’re putting even more control into your hands so that you can experience any wine, exactly how you like it.

You Are In Control

01. With the turn of a dial, Aervana Select adjusts to suit any wine by giving the full range of aeration time from zero to 180 minutes in a traditional decanter.

02. In ideal circumstances, only metal and glass objects would interact with your wine. We’ve updated to a stainless-steel tube that telescopes to adjust to any size bottle.

03. Aervana Select keeps sediment where it belongs, at the bottom of the bottle, not in your glass. The small filter at the bottom of the tube prevents sediment in older bottles of wine from being dispensed.

04. It still only takes one finger and the push of a button to “Reach Aervana.” Our bottle-top design turns any bottle into a personal wine tap. Just press the button, and watch the magic happen.

Dial-in aeration amount
Variable Aeration

Stainless-steel telescoping tube
Stainless-steel telescoping tube

Built-in sediment filter
Built-in sediment filter

One-touch dispensing
One-touch dispensing

Aeration shouldn't be a hassle...

The Aervana Select gives you the most control and flexibility of any aerating product yet. We just want you to focus on the important things: good wine and good people. Aervana Select makes it quick and easy to get any wine tasting exactly how you want it so you can do just that.

Aervana Select works on white wines too! You are in control
Aervana Select Aervana Select lets you relax
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Praise for Aervana

The Select is the newest iteration of our wave-making, original Aervana; here are some folks that love our brand:
  • California Winery Advisory and Business Insider Love Aervana
  • Lots of people Love Aervana
  • CNBC and Business Insider Love Aervana
  • Lots of people Love Aervana