Now four ways to aerate your wine the Aervana way: Meet the new Aervana Travel

Aervana Travel

Our first one-touch wine aerator designed specifically for on-the-go wine drinkers. It provides the same amazing instant aeration, in a compact, portable design.


Aervana Essential

Perfect for everyday wine drinkers, the Essential provides the perfect introduction to aeration, with a fresh, modern look and approachable price.


Aervana Original 2nd Edition

Our flagship aerator, the Original turns any wine bottle into a personal tap, while aerating your wine for a fuller, more balanced flavor.


Aervana Select

Our most advanced model, the Select allows wine enthusiasts to fine-tune the level of aeration per pour to perfectly suit the wine being served.


The original one-touch luxury wine aerator

Winemakers spend years crafting their product. Aervana allows you to experience that craftsmanship to its fullest, with your wine opened-up and ready to be enjoyed

Quality Materials

Made with USDA-approved food safe materials


Used by a diverse portfolio of wine professionals and also enjoyed by consumers at home


The first-of-its-kind and winning multiple awards


Dispenses and aerates simultaneously, eliminating the potential mess of lift and pour-through aerators

We do aeration differently...

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Why Aerate Wine

Aerating wine to better experience its flavor profile is a centuries old practice. But what exactly is it doing? Take a look at our wine guides to learn more.

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Takes wine tasting to a whole new level.

The Aervana was meticulously designed by someone with a passion for taking wine tasting to a whole new level. It was this love of wine that started the Aervana project. Now, we would like to give people the opportunity to share this exceptional experience with their friends and family by using the finest wine aerator in their homes. Enjoy your wine at its best, instantly and in style.

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