The Aervana Original wine aerator on a wine bottle aerating wine into a glass

The Aervana Original: The luxury wine aerator that revolutionized wine aeration.

We designed the Aervana Original with the elegance of the wine experience in mind. Winemakers spend years crafting their product—Aervana allows you to experience that craftsmanship to its fullest, with your wine opened-up and ready to be enjoyed. Now available in two editions.

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Impress your friends with the best in aeration technology.

At Aervana, we ensure our products match the sophistication and craftsmanship of great wine by using only high-quality materials.

Simply press the button on top to dispense fully aerated wine into your glass from your own personal wine tap.

No matter your experience with wine, you'll notice the difference between a glass aerated with Aervana and the same wine, unaerated.

Sophisticated Design

A classic look with luxury finishes: The Original fits seamlessly into your wine routine and makes a perfect gift for any wine lover.

We do aeration differently...

1. Press

Simply attach the tube to the body of the Aervana Original, slip the Original over an open wine bottle, and press the button on top. The wines that benefit most from aeration are typically young red wines, with heavy tannins and complex structure.

2. Aerate

The Original instantly aerates wine by infusing it with air under pressure as it's being dispensed, ensuring that less favorable compounds like ethanol and sulfites evaporate away, leaving the delicious, flavorful elements of your wine to shine through.

3. Transform

The wine that reaches your glass will be transformed to the taste equivalent of having decanted the same wine for about an hour. The taste difference in your wine should be instantly recognizable, producing a glass with mellower tannins and a more complex flavor.

Liven Up Your Wine

With a wine tap on the table, it’s easy to spread good cheer. Bring your favorite people a little bit closer with some help from Aervana.

The accessories you need, all in one place.

The Aervana Original comes with everything you need to Reach Aervana.

The Original package includes our countertop stand and stainless steel telescoping tube. Everything you need to complete your Aervana experience, in one convenient package.

Our new stainless steel tube telescopes from a discreet, storable size (140mm) to lengths suitable for both standard (750ml) wine bottles and magnum (1.5L) wine bottles.

Our low-profile, elegantly-designed countertop stand is the perfect place to store your Original after you’ve finished enjoying some wine.

Just Three Simple Steps to Assemble

Step One

Open the cap and insert 6 AAA
batteries (not included).

Step Two

Extend the tube and connect the
Original onto an open bottle, tube first.

Step Three

Push the button to pour perfectly
aerated wine.

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