The Power of Going Viral

The Power of Going Viral

Aervana sells through stock after Facebook video goes viral


Seattle, WASH. (October 6, 2016) – The moniker of having “Gone Viral” seems to be one every company covets in today’s world of social sharing. And, though creating and generating interest behind this kind of quickly spreading content can be impossibly elusive for marketers, the bottom-line effect when a company’s content does take off is clear: just take Aervana’s recent experience after a Facebook publishing page scooped up their product.Going Viral

In a series that actually contained two viral spikes—one from a Business Insider affiliate page, sharing at the end of July, and another from Nailed It Online in mid-August—the small, Seattle-based start-up saw an initial swell in interest that preceded the following tidal wave of shares—then sales—that Aervana was met with. The content was an internally-produced “How To” video, showcasing the one-touch aerator’s ability to simultaneously aerate wines more effectively than other products, while transforming your bottle into a personal tap, which Nailed It and INSIDER edited together with their own pithy, benefit statements.

As the viral content snowballed with more consumers sharing the product, the post quickly reached 7.6 million views, over 30K likes, 36K comments, and 97K shares. Overnight, the start-up that had seen steady, hard-won growth since the beginning of 2016 was speeding to a pace of 1,000 units in sales per day. So viral, in fact, were the two videos’ results that Aervana was forced temporarily out of stock due to the huge upswing in demand. 10,000 Aervanas sold later, the video post has expended its viral lifespan, but the increase in notoriety continues to drive sales.

Back in stock and anticipating the holiday season, Aervana continues to enjoy the benefits of its first 15 seconds of viral fame.


About Aervana One-Touch, Luxury Wine Aerator

The small, start-up team behind Aervana selected the Interbay neighborhood of Seattle to host its headquarters starting in January of 2016. Since then, Aervana has continued to grow into a successful, single-product venture, with retail and winery partners nationwide. Dedicated to simplifying the wine experience, while helping people enjoy every glass of wine at its best, Aervana is the premier aerating product for every wine enthusiast’s home. Please visit

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