Put Aervana Through Its Paces like Flavorful World

Put Aervana Through Its Paces like Flavorful World

When you unbox your brand new Aervana, what are you going to do first?

Crack open some wine, and test that thing, obviously!

As we get closer to the holiday season, I'm reminded of the kid on Christmas morning who tears open his new toy and immediately gets to work: Can my new remote control car drive on sand? How fast will it turn on gravel? How about down the stairs? (And this gift comes with the batteries included, so you don't have to worry about the tragedy of a Christmas morning store-run).Put Aervana Through Its Paces

Aervana will have wine buffs flashing back to that last Red Ryder BB Gun Christmas gift - "Oh man, I want to see what it does with that 2014 Central Coast Cab!" "Honey, do we still have that Petit Verdot from '10??"

Recently, Anthony from Flavorful World - a blog where food and wine discovery is approached with the utmost passion and care - put Aervana through its paces with exactly that level of enthusiasm and curiosity.

Anthony started by stating what it ought to do...

"Quick and easy to assemble, and easy to clean after usage, the Aervana is marketed with no small emphasis on its ability to accomplish in seconds a degree of aeration and 'opening' that has generally taken a good deal longer.”

...Or so we say, but does it work? Anthony wasted no time in getting down to business, opening his cellar, and starting in on the fun part: testing Aervana with a range of wines with varying varietals, age, and terroir to see how Aervana would affect them each differently. He started his tests in Spain with a Tempranillo...

"In a 2014 Tempranillo that tasted of blackberry and spice, a few seconds of aeration unearthed flavors of fig and baking spices just beneath the surface, though the wine’s aroma was largely unchanged."

...And then moved over to France to see how a Malbec stood up.

"In a 2014 Old Vine Malbec with a nose full of black and red berries, dispensing a bit through the Aervana drew forth the perfume of vanilla, and cinnamon, impacting the flavor hardly at all."

And what true Aervana test is complete without one big, young Cab?

"Using the Aervana to massage a 2014 South African Cabernet Sauvignon with grippy tannins and vocal plum and mint aromatics resulted in a glass of wine that sang with emboldened cherry bouquet and refreshed blackberry on the palate."

Put Aervana Through Its PacesAnd for a true wine lover like Anthony, this is a game that could continue ad infinitum..

"And so it went with as many other wines as I could find, from 2014 red Bourdeaux (whose bod and bouquet reaped the most notable benefits) to young Nebbiolo and Barolo (in which the flavor expressions really came alive).”

Aervana really is a wine tool that brings out the geek in the best of us - and for the big kids that miss the days of testing out every Easy Bake Oven recipe they could get their hands on, they'll feel that excitement again, running back and forth to pull another bottle down off the shelf.

As Anthony says in his review,

"The Aervana feels like the kind of item that your favorite wine aficionado will enjoy putting through its paces. Much of the item’s appeal as I tested and tasted my way from country to country lie in finding out what characteristic(s) of a wine would be affected and to what degree. Seeing what direction the device would take each new wine in was as much fun to document as it was to taste. And as with many food and drink-themed explorations, getting there is half the fun with this product.”

There you have it. Better join in the fun and start putting Aervana through its paces with your own cellar!

And a very big thanks to Flavorful World for the fantastic review!


The Aervana Team


A very big thanks to Flavorful World for the fantastic review!
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