Brickell Magazine Praises Aervana

In the November 2015 issue of Brickell Magazine - covering the passions, pastimes and purchases of people living the life in Miami - Aervana receives a fantastic shout-out from Stacy Wynn in the Connoisseur section.
Having to let wine breathe is truly a thing of the past thanks to Louis J. Christen III, creator of the Aervana Wine Aerator. Not satisfied with what was currently available when it came to aerators, Christen created the world's first electric wine aerator. The design provides enhanced air surface contact to speed oxidation more than any other aerator to reduce tannins, acidity and sulfides.

A thing of the past, indeed. And you know what not having to wait around for your wine to breathe means? More wine for everyone! That's something we can all celebrate.

Thanks so much to the folks at Brickell Magazine for helping to spread the word about the world's first electric wine aerator! You can check out the full magazine and Aervana's shout-out here.

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