Jonathan Takiff, Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist and Gizmo Guy took the Aervana for a test drive and coined the results as Aervanation!

Along with describing the benefits of automatic and hands-free wine aeration, he praised Aervana for it's elegance and ease of use. He also performed blind comparison tests on a California Cabernet and an earthy French blended wine to really see and taste the results.

His post has been archived, but you can read the post here below:

Drink to me only with thine eyes?

Today, we have better ideas - tech-minded gadgets for gulping, preserving, and improving our beverages. So make it one for my baby, and five more for the road.

Takes a miracle: Turning water into wine still takes a biblical miracle. Improving the flavor of wine with the wave of a hand? Almost any mortal can do that, working an aeration device that fits between the wine bottle's mouth and the glass, infusing the flowing juice with air molecules to "open it up," improve flavor and aroma.

Pocketable aerators are better to take to a BYO but a juggling act to use. Aervana, the first automatic pouring/aerating system newly introduced to the United States by the Bethlehem-based company of the same name, doesn't travel well but is far easier to use at home.

Akin to a self-serve soda dispenser, the stylish pewter and black (rubber) cased device seals tightly on an open bottle with a connected tube underneath that extracts most bottle liquid - but not bottom-resting sediment. A push-button mechanism (battery operated) encourages a liberal pour.

In blind comparison tests, three out of four tasters judged an Aervana-adjusted glass of a $14 California cabernet "smoother" tasting than a non-aerated swig from the same bottle. More telling was my direct/aerated comparisons of an earthy French blended vin, Costieres de Nimes Cuvee Tradition. After Aervanation, the wine's acrid bite and "barnyard" aroma were far less pronounced and objectionable. $99.98 at

- Jonathan Takiff writes about technology for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News.

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