The Aervana Select Goes Live on Kickstarter!

The Aervana Select Goes Live on Kickstarter!

The brand behind the innovative, aerating-wine-tap submits an all-new product update for funding.

SEATTLE (May 23, 2018) - An all-new product from Aervana is officially live on Kickstarter. Aervana launched in 2015 with a single product: the Aervana, or Aervana Original, a bottle-top tap system that aerates wine to the level of an hour in a decanter and dispenses with the push of a button. Today marks the release via Kickstarter of the brand's first product line extension. A direct follow-up to the Aervana Original, the Aervana Select maintains the "personal wine tap" format, while completely redesigning the aeration process to offer not one level of aeration, but a fully adjustable range. The dial feature introduced in the Select allows you to fine-tune the amount of air being infused based on the style and character of the wine, beginning at 0°- turning the aeration effect off- and running clockwise to 120°, or the equivalent of three hours in a decanter, at its max.

Wine is incredibly variable, both across styles and within them; no two bottles are the same. The Aervana Select aims to better address that variability, allowing consumers to "taste test" small pours at different points on the dial to identify what level of infused air helps a wine showcase at its best, as well as what their palate prefers. For bold reds, the Select allows you to dial-up the aeration effect to smooth-out harsh tannins. If you have a light-bodied white, you can pour a glass from your personal wine tap without running the risk of stripping its flavor. And with the seamlessly-progressing dial, you can experiment with any setting in-between.

Designs for the Select are complete and working samples have been rigorously tested, but the final tooling necessary for a full production run requires additional funding. The Aervana Select is live on Kickstarter for a 30-day campaign, seeking a $29,000 funding goal, as of 6am EST today, May 23rd. With the help of people who already love the brand and those new to it, Aervana hopes to achieve its funding goal and deliver this innovation in wine technology to consumers in August 2018.


In the business of better wine aeration since 2015. Aervana is headquartered in Seattle, WA and fulfills out of Bethlehem, PA. For more information, visit: and
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