AERATION TIPS: Hyperdecanting Versus The Aervana

AERATION TIPS: Hyperdecanting Versus The Aervana

When Nathan Myhrvold, author of Modernist Cuisine surprised the world by putting wine in a blender, many a sommelier was horrified. But he was onto something. Wine benefits from aeration, and who wants to wait to do that? Truth is, most wine-aeration products on the market do not aerate wine well enough with one pour. Wine must be poured through the device several times (as many as seven times for some aerators) to reach their best flavor. His technique, although a bit shocking at the time, forces a lot of air into the wine very quickly. He seemed to have found a way to avoid all that hassle and waiting.

However, there are many downsides to hyperdecanting  your wine. Here's just a few:

  • Blenders can hold residual flavors. Have you smelled your blender lately? Do you want your wine to taste like your last homemade pesto sauce or hummus?

  • Blenders are difficult to clean. This means, unless you are very patient and committed to the cleaning process around all those little blender parts, you might end up with icky-bits from your last food-blend session in your wine glass.

  • Blenders can go kablooey. Who hasn't experienced a blender disaster? You forget to hold down the lid and bam, your kitchen (or your dining area and guests) will be covered in wine stains which you know are very stubborn to remove.

  • Blenders can over do it. How do you know how long to hold the button down on the blender for the right aeration amount? Regardless, it's very hard to avoid a foamy frappe from which you must wait another ten minutes to settle before you can serve it.

  • Blenders are not good-looking. I think you would agree that there is no blender on the market that is elegant enough to serve your dinner guests wine from.

Wine is a continually evolving organic thing, and every moment that it is exposed to oxygen in some way, it changes in often unexpected ways. If you over-aerate your wine and it smells like vinegar, it's been aerated too much. Over-aeration can't be undone. And what if you want to enjoy only one glass at a time?

Why you should skip hyperdecanting and aerate your wine with the Aervana:

  •  The Aervana is highly effective. You get practically instant aeration; one fluid ounce every two seconds (similar to using a glass decanter for about 40 minutes). The Aervana electric wine aerator's pneumatic process is more than six times faster than the popular funnel-style aerators on the market.

  • The Aervana won't over-aerate your wine. With Aervana, you can aerate your wine by the glass without aerating the entire bottle at once. You will never over-aerate your wine, and you can enjoy the evolving flavors as your wine continues to aerate while you drink it from your glass. If you feel it's not aerated enough, send it again through the Aervana or do a few more swirls in your glass until it's just right.

  • The Aervana serves wine elegantly and respectfully. The Aervana's sophisticated and elegant design will suit any setting. Put the focus on the wine and your guests and not the aeration process.

  • The Aervana solves the wine sediment problem. The Aervana is the first wine aerator on the market that leaves the sediments in the bottom of the bottle and not in your glass. Just let the sediments settle to the bottom of the bottle while the bottle is upright. Insert the Aervana, and dispense fully aerated and sediment free wine into your glass.

Visit us on facebook and let us know if you have tried hyperdecanting your wine as well as aerating with the Aervana. We'd love to hear about your experiences!


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