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Wine Trends 2023

With the wine industry being around for over a century, it has gone through many ebbs and flows and that’s no different in recent years. Wine consumption dropped in 2020 and has not picked up much since then, but with the wine industry starting to target younger drinkers, things may soon change.

Here we’ll dive into some of the wine trends we expect to see in 2023 and shape the future of the global industry.

Natural Wine Expands

There’s been a recent boom for natural wines and we definitely expect to see that continue. As people become more concerned with the environment and what they’re consuming, it’s inevitable for people to gravitate towards natural wines. We foresee natural wine becoming more accessible in 2023.

Smaller, Independent Producers

We’ve already started to see more independent wine producers and with the success they’ve had so far, we anticipate seeing many more in the near future. People who casually enjoy wine appreciate the laid-back approach these independent producers are implementing.

Sparkling Wine Becomes A Staple

Sparkling wine has been popular in Europe for quite some time but has only recently become favored in the US, and is expected to become a staple in US homes in 2023. With other bubbly beverages being such a hit it’s no surprise sparkling wine would be next.

New & Updated Formats

Instead of the usual 750ml glass bottles wine usually comes in, expect to see new, forward-thinking packaging for wine in 2023. Think canned wine or smaller glass bottles in different and unique shapes. These smaller containers cater to those who only want a small amount of wine in one sitting and don’t want to worry about their wine going bad sitting in a larger bottle.

A Drive To eCommerce

Sales have been soaring in online channels, in every industry, but newly in the wine industry. This is allowing these smaller, independent producers to grow the way they have. This theme started during COVID but is expected to expand with the continuation of wine tastings and vineyard tours from home.

The Growth of US Wines

Due to the growth of wine tourism within the US, wine production is inevitably going to increase even more than it already has. Even though wine consumption as a total has decreased, people who enjoy wine are becoming more adventurous and want to try more of a variety of wines. 

Give us your thoughts on what you think of the trends and which ones you’re looking forward to.

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