Which Wine Are You Based On Your Go-To Summer Activity

Which Wine Are You Based On Your Go-To Summer Activity

What you love to do during the summer says so much about who you are as a person. And much like people, wines have personalities too. Find out which wine you are based on your favorite summer activity!

waves on a beach

On The Beach

If you’re someone who loves the beach during the summer months you’re Rosé. This is a classic summer sipper as is going to the beach and the light and fruity flavors of Rosé contrast those salty waters.

two ladies eating fruit at the pool

At The Pool

You’re Sauvignon Blanc if you’re thing is chilling by the pool. A nice Sauvy B is citrusy and refreshing which is your exact summer vibe.  

a tent in the middle of the forest


If camping is your summer activity of choice you’re a Zinfandel. With Zinfandel’s oaky notes, it matches perfectly with the wooded area you’re staying in.

different meats cooking on the grill


You’re a Cabernet Sauvignon. A Cab Sauv is not only a crowd pleaser, but also goes great with your typical grilled dishes. So if you’re having guests while grilling they will sure to be happy. 

group of friends cheersing at a dinner party

Hosting Friends

If you love being the host you are a sparkling wine. Like sparkling wine, you’re sparkle is felt by everyone around you.

looking out the window of an airplane


You’re a Chianti if traveling is your go-to thing for the summer. The varying tasting notes complements the wide range of places you may go, people you may meet, and food you may eat. 

lady hiking


If you’re a hiker you’re also a Moscato. What a better treat at the end of a long hike than a glass of a fruity and citrusy Moscato.

picnic display

Having A Picnic

You’re a Pinot Grigio if you enjoy a good picnic. Pinot Grigio is bright, acidic, and crisp which will make your picnic foods come to life.

band playing instruments

Going To Concerts

If going to concerts is your thing you’re a Chardonnay. Chardonnay can come in a wide range of flavors just like the wide range of music we already know you love.

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