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What Wine You Are Based On Your Christmas Style

Your decorating style is a super fun way to determine what type of wine you are. So choose your go-to Christmas style and pour yourself what wine we match it with, while making your home festive this season.

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Classic Christmas

If you love the traditional red and green Christmas décor you are the tried and true Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s the most popular wine for the most popular Christmas style.

Photos courtesy of Sincerely Marie Designs.

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Rustic Christmas

If your Christmas décor involves a lot of wood and antlers and burlap you have a rustic Christmas style, which means you’re a Merlot. Your home’s brown palette matches perfectly with the chocolate notes of Merlot.

Photos courtesy of Beauty For Ashes Home

minimalist christmas 1

Minimalist Christmas

Sometimes all a home needs is a light sprinkle of Christmas décor. It’s still festive, but chill, and that makes you a Pinot Grigio. No frills, no overcomplication, just a simple yet delicious wine.

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vintage christmas 1

Vintage Christmas

If nostalgia is your vibe then you are an oak-aged Chardonnay. Just like your vintage style, this wine gets better with age.

Photos courtesy of Liz Marie Blog

glam christmas 1

Glam Christmas

Like the Christmas song “Silver and Gold” the glam style puts those colors at the center of its Christmas décor. And for obvious reasons, this makes you a sparkling wine. The bubbles are the perfect match to the silver and gold baubles on the tree.

Photos courtesy of Setting For Four

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