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What’s Up With Low Sugar Wines?

With the rising popularity of low sugar wines, we thought we’d give you all the details on what’s up with low sugar wines. Most dry wines are already low or no sugar, so why is it all the rage now? Likely because people are more conscious of what they’re consuming now more than ever, especially now that we know all the negatives and the addictiveness of sugar. 

But you may have the question: are low sugar wines still good? Does my preferred type of wine come in low sugar? And the answer is likely yes. Both red and white wines can be low in sugar as the sugar content of wine is determined by the fermentation process.

Let’s explore this further.

How does wine get its sweetness? And how much sugar is typically in wine?

When it comes to wine and its fermentation process, yeast consumes the natural sugars and converts them into alcohol. Therefore, low sugar wines generally have more alcohol and the residual sugar left over determines if it is sweet, semi-sweet, or dry wine.

For dry or low sugar wines, they’re left to ferment longer until all the sugars have been converted into alcohol. But when making a semi-sweet or sweet wine, winemakers will stop the fermentation process sooner leaving a portion of the sugar.

Are fruity wines always high in sugar?

Fruity wines are not always high in sugar. Many low sugar wines taste fruity because the lack of sugar leaves more room for the natural flavor of the grape on your palette. 

What should I look for?

If you’re trying to keep your sugar consumption down, our advice is to look for dry wines or wines that specify they are low sugar. This is because wineries are not required to list sugar content on their bottles so you have to rely on your wine knowledge to prevent drinking wines with a high sugar content.

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