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Virtual Wine Tastings to Enjoy from Home

Now that COVID numbers are ramping up again and we’re used to getting creative at keeping ourselves entertained while staying home, we have a great way for you to stay social while staying safe with virtual wine tastings!

Find a couple of friends and invite them to join you virtually as you all enjoy and try some new wines and learn all about them and the vineyards that make them.

In Good Taste

Get worldly with In Good Taste’s virtual wine tasting that guides you through a flight of 6-8 wines from different wineries around the globe. During the tasting, you’ll learn high-level knowledge about how to taste wines, where the wines were harvested, and fun facts and wine trivia to keep it interesting!

All you have to do is go to In Good Taste’s website, book the tasting two weeks in advance, order your flight, and plan your pairings. They even have a super convenient feature that allows you to purchase the flights for everyone joining and then send them to different addresses. 

Priority Wine Pass

Priority Wine Pass has the largest selection of premium wine tasting options available online. Their tastings are fully customizable where your party will get to meet with wine experts, wine owners, winemakers, and sommeliers allowing you to learn all about the wines you’re tasting.

To get started you can fill out a form on Priority Wine Pass’s website and they’ll help you choose a winery perfect for your virtual wine tasting party. Then you’ll schedule a date and time and provide them with the addresses they’ll need to send the wine to. After that, the winery will provide a Zoom link and it’s all fun from there!

Stony Hill Vineyard

Stony Hill Vineyard offers an interactive tasting experience with one of their wine experts where they will guide you through your tasting of choice. They offer three different tasting options, one with a variety of wines, one with Chardonnay varietals, and one with Cabernet varietals.

If you’d like to sign up for one of Stony Hill Vineyard’s virtual wine tastings you can visit their website or contact them at 707.963.2636 or

Aperture Cellars

An Aperture Cellars virtual wine tasting includes knowledgeable hosts who will guide you through a curated tasting flight detailing in-depth information on their wines and property. They offer four different wine tasting options that range from 2 - 4 different wines, one with all white wines, one with all red, and two with a mixture of both.

To book an experience, go to Aperture Cellars’ website and choose from the different wine tasting options. Then contact them at 707.200.7891 or to schedule a time and date for the virtual tasting.

Bottles Nation

Bottles Nation’s virtual wine tasting is led by a sommelier who discusses the winemaking process, specific traits of each wine you’ll be tasting, and the opportunity to ask any questions that may come to mind. You can choose their pre-selected wine tasting option, or you can customize one to receive any wines you wish to try. They even offer cheese and chocolate add-ons to go with the wines.

To schedule a tasting with Bottles Nation go to their website and pick a date and time that works for you and your party. After that, you’ll receive an automatic email where you can order the wine and other goods for your virtual wine tasting party.

No matter which virtual wine tasting option you and your friends decide on, we know you’ll have a blast with a filled glass! And if you’d like to enhance those wines you’ll be tasting, one of our Aervana aerators will surely do the trick.
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