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Unique Wine Glasses to Add to Your Collection

Although there is a purpose to the shape of a wine glass as it enhances the way your wine smells and tastes, there’s nothing wrong with using a fun glass to change up your experience. We found some unique wine glasses to switch up your usual glass of wine and add interest to your collection.

two iridescent wine glasses with an angular top
via Home Affair Instagram

Home Affair Iridescent Wine Glasses

These are still very similar to your common wine glass, but the slanted rim and iridescent shine bring a fun elegance to the glass.

Purchase these wine glasses for $20.00 here.

wide stem wine glasses
via Viva Boutique's Instagram

Viva Boutique Carrol Boyes Wine Glasses

We found the wide stem of this glass to be so interesting to the eye. It’s a stylish way to drink your favorite wine and will look good wherever you store them.

You can purchase these wine glasses off Viva Boutique’s Instagram here.

long stem wine glass being held in front of snow covered trees
via Snuteglass's Instagram

Snuteglass Long Stem Wine Glass

The extra long stem on this glass is so much fun. These glasses are also crafted with premium crystal for superior clarity and strength.

You can purchase these wine glasses for $39.95 here.

floral wine glasses with gold stems
via Musubi Kiln's Instagram

Musubi Kiln Hanazume Kutani Wine Glass

Have you ever seen a more beautiful, intricate wine glass? These glasses are decorated with the Japanese Hanazume pattern, meaning filled with flowers, and we love them so much!

You can purchase these wine glasses for $516.00 here.

stain glass looking wine glasses
via Cornet Barcelona's Instagram

Cornet Sagrada Wine Glass

We can’t stop staring at these stained glass-esque wine glasses. All of these glasses are hand-crafted so each glass has its own individual flair to it.

You can purchase these wine glasses for $34.00 here.

via Neue Blvd's Instagram

Neue Blvd Marble Goblet

The warm coloring of this marble is absolutely beautiful. Just imagine how chic you’d feel drinking out of these glasses.

You can purchase these wine goblets for $34.95 here.

colorful drinkware with twisty stems
via A Bit Sleepy's Instagram

A Bit Sleepy Twisty Candy Goblet

OK, so this might not technically be a wine glass, but it was way too unique and fun to not include on this list. The twisty stem just brings joy to us.

You can purchase these goblets for $65.00 here.

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