wine glasses laying on their sides with ombre dark red wine to white going left to right

5 Memes Only Wine Lovers Will Understand

We were in the mood for something fun and light-hearted this week, so we scoured the internet to find the best wine memes to share in hopes it puts a smile on your face as it did ours.

  1. This gif that Bright Cellars posted instantly put a smile on our faces because this is exactly how we feel when we get to enjoy a wine night with our loved ones. You know it’s going to be a night filled with laughs, good music, goofy dance moves, and great memories to look back on.
  2. This meme from RareWine made us giggle and think how true it is! And it’s extra special for all our Harry Potter fans out there. The only thing we would change is to add even more bottles of wine because one is just never enough :).
  3. We looove the Women Who Love Wine Instagram account and they post some of the most relatable and funny things when it comes to wine. And this is one of the most relatable things we have ever read.
  4. This gif that Winc posted is extra good because it’s not only about wine, but also consists of one of our favorite shows to exist, Schitt’s Creek. Two of our favorite things wrapped into one, what more could we ask for?
  5. Of course, we need to add this meme from Wine a lot Vineyards as a tribute to Betty White. Betty did so many incredible things throughout her life we should be thankful for, she was a true legend on and off the screen.
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