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Some Of The Oldest Wine Bars Around The World

Wine has played an important role in lives across the world for centuries. It’s no surprise there are some wine bars that have lasted hundreds of years with so many Greeks and Romans spreading wine grapes throughout Europe and beyond.

Learn more about some of the oldest wine bars in the world and maybe even make plans to check them out in real life!


Gordon’s - London, UK

Gordon’s is London’s oldest wine bar and was established in 1890. They have made sure to maintain much of the original décor and still serve only wine, port, and sherry, on top of a few dishes. 

Originally opened by Angus “Staff” Gordon and passed down from grandson to grandson until in 1972 when Luis Gordon purchased the wine bar with no relation to the family besides the same last name. 


Al Brindisi - Ferrara, Italy

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this is the oldest wine bar in the world, believed to be built in 1435. It’s located in a narrow ally close to the cathedral. 

Some well-known people who have visited this tavern are Benvenuto Cellini, Tiziano Vecellio, Ludovico Torquato Tasso,


Zur Traube - Hamburg, Germany

The building that holds Zur Traube was built in 1880 and was created into a wine bar in 1899. They carry a selection of 250 French and German wines that are served alongside French dishes.

As you sit by candlelight, listening to jazz music, and enjoying the beautiful view, it’s the perfect setting to enjoy a glass of delectable wine.

Verona, Italy

Antica Bottega del Vino - Verona, Italy

With historic roots going back to the 1500s, Bottega del Vino is home to one of the most cherished wine cellars in Italy valued at $1 million. It received its name in 1890 from the Sterzi brothers who gave it the charm that you still see today.

This wine bar became a landmark for the cultural scene in the late 1800s as well as for wine lovers and not much has changed since.

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