Innovating a New Way to Aerate Wine: the Aervana Select

In 2015, we introduced the world to our Aervana Original; the first-ever product to take aeration to the next, more effective, level. Decanting is an elegant process where your wine breathes over time, but your experience is necessarily tied to the clock, simply waiting for your wine to taste its best. Funnel-style aerators, the only other product options (save your blender) on the market for quicker aeration in 2015, do some work to aerate, but only to the level of a gentle swirling from gravity (not to mention the mess-factor).

Aervana Select

The Aervana Original changed how we aerate wine. A bottle-top model, turning any bottle into a personal wine tap, removed the mess-factor and is just plain fun-to-use. And importantly, the battery-powered pressurization system that infuses air into the wine meant a much-higher aeration effect than what was previously available. For many of the styles of wine that really benefit from a little air, the Aervana Original provides that perfect sweet-spot level of air to produce a significant taste difference.

But wine is extremely variable, and while many styles benefit from the general 1-to-1 1/2-hours-in-a-decanter level the Aervana Original provides, there is no one-size-fits-all rule for how much air any particular bottle is going to need, or not need. There are some guidelines— most white wines need little-to-no air; tannin-rich reds need more aeration— and some rule-breakers— take Alsace whites for example, many could benefit from some air, and many more-delicate, light-bodied reds run the risk of being stripped of their flavor with aeration.

Aervana Select

This is where the joy of experimentation comes in, finding that lovely spot where your wine can show its truest colors. When decanting, you can really experience the fun of allowing the wine to open, checking the taste periodically to see if it's reached its peak. But, you commit the entire bottle to that process, and there's no going back if you pull the wine too early or wait too long.

We set out to create a product that can really address the variability of wine and provides an aerating solution that puts more control into your hands. So that you can decide how much air that particular bottle needs and how much your taste-buds prefer.*

The result? The Aervana Select: launching on Kickstarter May, 23rd.

Aervana Select

Aervana Select maintains the bottle-top dispensing people loved, while giving you the extra control of not one, but a full range of aeration levels. The Select "dial" feature lives on the back of the Aervana body: set it all-the-way to the left and aeration is turned-off completely, allowing you to dispense any wine without introducing additional air, perfect for most whites, rosés, and light-bodied or older, more fragile, red wines. As you turn the dial clockwise, the aeration level gradually increases— at its stopped, right-hand position, the effect on your wine will be similar to letting it decant for three hours.

Now, you have that power to test your wine at different levels of aeration to see what tastes best (as with decanting), but with plenty of room to experiment without wasting the bottle. Simply slip your Aervana Select over the bottle, set the dial, taste your pour after the push of a button, and adjust from there.

Aervana Select

Got a Sauvignon Blanc chilling in the fridge? Set your Aervana Select to the 0° position, turning aeration off, and dispense away. Or, turn the dial up and have that full-bodied, Italian red perfectly aerated and ready to pair with tonight’s pasta dish.

The Aervana Select is innovating a new kind of wine experience. Pick out any bottle, experiment to find your taste preferences and to see how different styles of wine react to different levels of air. Trust us, it's a lot of fun. But it mostly means that you can have any style of wine in your glass, tasting its best, right now. Good wine and a full glass is a beautiful thing, and the Select is your new best friend for getting you there.

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Aervana Select

*Aeration is more art than science, if you love a more-tannic-tasting wine, there's no shame in turning that aeration way down!

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