How to Plan the Perfect Picnic

How to Plan the Perfect Picnic

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the evenings are getting longer. It must be picnic season. A picnic is such a great way to spend time with friends or a fun idea for a date night. 

The key to a successful picnic is plenty of planning. From finding the right location to preparing the idyllic food and drinks, we’ve put together great tips to help you plan that perfect picnic.


It’s best to tailor the location to who the picnic is for. If it’s for a date you’ll want to have at least a little bit of privacy. In this case you can even have it in your own backyard or in a secluded area in a local park.

If it’s for friends, find a park in a central location to all of you, or if there are other plans after the picnic, a park close to whatever you’re doing next. This way you can even carpool and reduce the number of cars going to one place.


Often, when people pack food for picnics they go into a “sac-lunch mentality”. You’ll want to avoid this because this is more than just lunch to eat at your desk. Instead of a sandwich, have a simple charcuterie board with varying meats and cheeses and a big baguette. And don’t forget to include some fruit and cut the fruit at home so it’s easy to eat. 

Picnics also call for refreshing foods, it’s nice out, you’re outside, you don’t want something heavy. Adding a salad in your basket can add a freshness to your food that matches your surroundings.

For dessert an array of chocolates is a great option, but if you’re not a chocolate person, cupcakes are an easy and delicious dessert that you can easily eat with your hands.


For drinks, of course you’ll want to pack some water, but you’ll also want something easy that doesn’t require mixing ingredients. White wine and Rosé go perfectly with a picnic, specifically Sauvignon Blanc or a semi-sweet Rosé. If you like something bubbly, a Prosecco Rosé is another great option.

Finishing touches

Now here is where you bring your picnic to the next level. The picnic blanket or blankets you choose need to be large enough, even if layered, to fit everyone there plus all your food and drinks. If you don’t already have any picnicware you can find some decent reusable plastic plates and silverware from Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc. And you’ll need a basket or bag large enough to carry everything in. 

To really impress your date or guests bring a tray to place drinks so they don’t spill. And for the cherry on top of the cake you can bring some cushions to sit on, just be sure they’re washable and suited for outdoors. 

And lastly, don’t forget to pack your Aervana Travel Wine Aerator for an easy and convenient way to aerate your wine while out and about!

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