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Fun Holiday Party Themes

We’ve all been to a million Ugly Christmas Sweater parties and it’s time to retire that theme and explore some new ones. But it can be hard to think of something different and creative and we understand that. 

If you’re throwing a holiday party this year, we’ve made the step of thinking of a theme easier for you. So, pick your favorite and go all out on one of these fun holiday party themes.

Christmas Character Party

Invite your friends to come over and dress as their favorite Christmas character. It can be anything from a nutcracker, to Rudolph, to the Grinch.

A Gatsby Christmas

Get fancy and all dressed up in ‘20s attire for a Gatsby Christmas ball. Decorate your home with black and gold and don’t forget plenty of Champagne.

Christmas Carol-oke

Have a karaoke party with holiday-themed tunes. There’s holiday music in every genre these days, so you’ll never get bored singing your lungs out.

Hallmark Christmas Movie Marathon

Although they may be cheesy, Hallmark Christmas movies can still be fun to watch. You can make a game out of it by guessing what the ending will be after only watching the first five minutes. And bonus points if you have a projector.

Christmas Horror Movie Night

If you and your friends are big horror movie fans (like I am) make a night out of Christmas horror. You can watch movies like Black Christmas, Silent Night, and Krampus.

Wrap & (w)Rum

Gather your friends together and get all your gift-wrapping done in one night while drinking (w)rum toddies. Everyone can bring a roll or two of wrapping paper and you can swap and trade for a larger variety.

Scrooge Soiree

This is an escape from the holiday hustle and bustle. Have non-holiday food and beverages like Chinese takeout and margaritas. No talk of holiday plans or shopping allowed!

Gingerbread House Building Contest

Provide everything needed to build a gingerbread house and let your guests go wild. Whoever makes the best or most creative house wins.

Tinsel and ‘Tinis

A glam party with holiday-themed martinis. You can try peppermint martinis, sugar cookie martinis, cranberry sauce martinis, the list goes on!

Christmas Around The World

Everyone brings a dish and/or drink that other cultures enjoy during the holidays from around the world. 

Christmas In Vegas

Relish in a night of cards, dice, and Vegas-style fun. If you’re in the giving mood you can have your guests bet real money and all the proceeds can go to a local charity of your or your guests' choice.

Pancakes & Pajamas

For all the brunch lovers out there, a pancakes and pajamas theme is just what you need. Invite your guests over for brunch in their holiday PJs.

Whichever theme you choose it’s always more fun if you go all in on it. Have fun and go wild!

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