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Etsy Wine-Related Products We Love

We are big Etsy fans and have been for some time. We love personalized, handcrafted items and we’re a big advocate for supporting small businesses, so it’s a win-win! We decided to type the keywords “wine accessories” into the Etsy search bar, just out of curiosity, and we found some awesome Etsy wine-related products you should consider purchasing.

Strawberry Wine Charms by MillieBeanDesigns

Strawberry wine charms

We’ve seen a million wine charms before, but none as adorable as these are! They’re made from polymer clay, come in a set of six, and we love that they’re ombre. MillieBeanDesigns creates a variety of products with polymer clay and sells them on Etsy while she goes through art therapy school. 

You can purchase these Strawberry Wine Charms for only $12.00.

Personalized Picnic Basket for Two by Kreative Earth

Picnic basket for two

This is truly the coolest picnic basket we have ever seen. And it carries and comes with everything you could need, including plates, wine glasses, utensils, salt and pepper shakers, cloth napkins, a blanket, corkscrew, wood cutting board, cheese knife, and food storage container. Kreative Earth is a family-owned business that offers over 25 years of personalization experience.

You can purchase this Personalized Picnic Basket for $249.99.

Liquid Therapy Wine Tool Set by Baum Designs

Liquid Therapy wine tool set

We loved the simple look of this round box. It’s neither feminine or masculine making it fit any style home or bar. This four-piece tool set includes a corkscrew, stopper, decanting pourer with stopper, and drop collar and is made from bamboo. There’s a magnetic closure and you can customize what the lid on top says. Baum Designs is owned by a married couple who creates and designs all of their products themselves.

You can purchase this Liquid Therapy Wine Tool Set for $29.69.

Leather Wall Wine Rack by Mulberry And Olive

Leather wall wine rack

We thought this was just such a creative way to hold your wine. We love a wall rack because it frees up space in your kitchen or bar and it becomes a decorative piece for your wall. It’s made from real leather and its timeless design will be sure to look great now and far into the future. 

You can purchase this Leather Wall Wine Rack for $69.95.

Lilly Drop Down Bar by Bars Outdoors

Drop down bar

If you want a bar, but don’t really have space for one, this is for you! Whether you hang this inside or outside it will be a convenient and beautiful addition to your home. They’re handmade from timber to ensure a strong, long-lasting construction. And we cannot get over the spots to hang your wine glasses :).

You can purchase this Lilly Drop Down Bar for $309.37.

Wine Bottle & Wine Glass Earrings by Saint-Raphael

Wine bottle and wine glass earrings

There’s been a recent trend in fun, eccentric earrings like these and we are here for it! These are adorable and would be so cute for a dinner date or a night out on the town. These are handmade and you can choose from two wine bottles, two wine glasses, or one of each. Saint-Raphael is a newer Etsy store and their goal is to create unique accessories that can make an outfit and uplift your mood.

You can purchase these Wine Bottle & Wine Glass Earrings for just $14.24.

Wine Lover Neon Sign by Neon On

Wine lover neon sign

We’re obsessed with this neon sign! It’s so beautiful and the perfect addition to your bar area, or just anywhere in your home as wall decor. It’s handcrafted and made from flexible silicone tubes with LED lights inside to emulate the vintage glass neon sign look. Neon On also offers customized signs so you can get exactly what you’ve been envisioning. 

You can purchase this Wine Lover Neon Sign for $104.92.

Wine Tasting Party Kit by Prints of Life Events

Wine tasting party kit

We thought this Wine Tasting Party Kit was genius and so convenient if you’re hosting a wine tasting party. It comes with a planner sheet, shopping list sheet, invites, scorecards, decorative signs, tags, and numbers and tally sheets. It comes as a downloadable zip file containing several PDFs, just print off which ones you need. Print of Life Events creates so many downloadable zip files for any event you may be hosting.

You can purchase this Wine Tasting Party Kit for $5.75.


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