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Best Winery In Each State L-N

Welcome back for states L-N!

Whether you barely know anything about wine or are a sommelier, visiting a winery is always a great time. And it can be difficult to decide which winery to go to. So, we rounded up the best winery in each state, thus, whether you want to travel near or far you have plenty of options to choose from.

Louisiana | Landy Vineyards

Landy Vineyards sits on 50 acres and includes a new winery, vineyards, a tasting room, cottages, and camper sites, so you can make a whole weekend out of visiting this spot. They are committed to growing grapes that are suitable to North Louisiana growing conditions with grape varieties like Blanc Du Bois, Lenoir/Black Spanish, and Crimson Cabernet.

Maine | Sweet Grass Winey & Distillery

Sweet Grass is dedicated to making authentic and delicious wine from quality Maine fruits. They work a lot with apples, blueberries, and cranberries creating some of their most popular wines like their Apple Sangria, Wild Maine Blueberry Sangria, and Cranberry Smash.

Maryland | Boordy Vineyards

Made in limited quantities, Boordy Vineyards wines are sourced from 100% Maryland grown grapes and range from fresh, crisp whites to complex, age-worthy reds. Enjoy an afternoon in the country tasting their wines in their tasting room, or outside on their patio, their lawn, or their newly landscaped courtyard. 

Massachusetts | Nashoba Valley Winery

Enjoy wine tastings and tours at Nashoba Valley Winery in the heart of apple country. When you visit you’ll find 30 different wines including 14 traditional vintages all crafted in Massachusetts. Some of their most popular wines are their Amora-Blackberry Port, Blueberry Merlot, Bolton Blush Rosé, and Estate Cabernet Franc.

Michigan | Round Barn Winery, Brewery, & Distillery

Round Barn gets its name from an actual Amish round barn that sits on the property. Not only do they hold wine tastings, but also live music and countless other events to enjoy their wine at. They also have their own 3.5 mile trail that takes you through the woods and vineyards where you can take a glass (or two) of wine with you while you hike.  

Minnesota | Chankaska Creek Ranch, Winery, & Distillery

When creating Chankaska Creek Ranch they were determined to create a winery that not only generated world-class wines, but also a place where their guests could come and enjoy those wines. When you visit this estate start with their tasting room, take a tour of the winery, and then end your day shopping in their boutique where they sell wine-related gifts.

Mississippi | Queen’s Reward Meadery

Queen’s Reward is a meadery meaning they produce honey wines. Their wines are made from 100% Mississippi honey making the wines not only delicious, but a great ingredient to use when cooking. On their property you’ll find a lounge where you can enjoy a tasting that also includes a complimentary Queen’s Reward glass of your choice.

Missouri | Montelle Winery

The Augusta region of Missouri was chosen as the location for the Montelle vineyards because of its unique soils, microclimate, and history. As a result you’ll find their wines to be fresh, fragrant, and well-balanced. On their property you can find a café that offers food to compliment their wines. 

Montana | Ten Spoon Vineyard + Winery

Ten Spoon puts an emphasis on sustainability, does not use any animal products on their vineyards, and is certified organic. They take pride in being involved in all phases of the grape growing and harvesting, winemaking, bottling, labeling processes, and marketing their wines.

Nebraska | Soaring Wings Vineyard & Brewing

Soaring Wings grows 14 different varietals of grapes across their 5 acres of vineyards. On the weekends they often have live music and themed nights like 70s night or ladies night. Or you can spend an afternoon in their tasting room enjoying the wonderful views of the vineyard. They also have a brewery so you can bring someone who doesn’t love wine, but will still love the experience.

Nevada | Pahrump Valley Winery

Pahrump Valley describes their wines as fruit-forward, easy to drink, and perfect for everyday occasions. Some of their most popular wines are their 2017 Symphony which is reminiscent of a Moscato with creamy flavors of honeydew and ginger and their Desert Blush which is a fruity and sweet wine that bursts with flavor.

New Hampshire | LaBelle Winery

LaBelle pledges to produce only artisan-crafted natural wines. Their vineyard contains six grape varietals with a total of 2,000 vines. They describe their tastings and tours as unpretentious and informal while still being educational. Their goal is to expand your wine tasting skills and have fun in the process.

New Jersey | Beneduce Vineyards

At Beneduce Vineyards they use innovative grape-growing techniques that their Vineyard Manager learned while studying cool-climate grape growing at Cornell University. They use small lot production allowing them to create unique wines with distinct personalities that reflect both the grape and the winemaker’s style.

New Mexico | St. Clair Wines

Head to St. Clair Wines to enjoy a wine flight choosing from their large selection of wines made in New Mexico. Every Friday they offer live music and by-the-glass wine specials. They are family-owned and have been growing grapes in New Mexico for six generations and love how the land offers the perfect alchemy of soil, sun, and soul for the grapes.

New York | Rooftop Reds

Rooftop Reds is New York City’s one and only rooftop vineyard where the owners have developed an urban planter system on this 14,800 square-foot rooftop. With this vineyard they’re able to produce 20-25 cases of wine per year and receive grapes from the Keuka Lakes and Finger Lakes wine region for the rest of their wine-making demands.

North Carolina | Biltmore Winery

At the Biltmore you can enjoy a complimentary wine tasting at their tasting room or visit their indoor/outdoor wine bar for charcuterie and locally-made truffles. They also offer a behind the scenes winery tour where you can learn how the wine is made while sipping on some as well. The Biltmore property is huge and is not only about wine. There are plenty of activities for everyone.

North Dakota | Fluffy Field Vineyards & Winery

Fluffy Fields is a place for the whole family! They have a ton of activities for kids and adults alike, so you can bring the entire family to enjoy an afternoon out. All the wines they make are from grapes grown on their vineyard and vary from sweet, semi-sweet, and dry.

Stay tuned for the rest of the states and in the meantime check out four models of electric wine aerators you can take with you to these wineries and vineyards!

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