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Best Winery In Each State A-K

Whether you barely know anything about wine or are a sommelier, visiting a winery is always a great time. And it can be difficult to decide which winery to go to. So, we rounded up the best winery in each state, thus, whether you want to travel near or far you have plenty of options to choose from.

Alabama | Jules J. Berta Vineyards

This is a family owned vineyard whose vines were first planted in 1987. With over eight acres you will find Cabernet, Merlot, Sylvaner, and Chardonnay grape varieties with plans on adding Sauvignon Blanc, Petite Sirah, and Red Chardonnay. Not only do they have a winery and vineyard, but also pizza nights and a wine trail to explore.

Alaska | Bear Creek Winery

You can make a whole trip out of traveling to Bear Creek Winery because not only do they have tasting rooms and winemaking tours, but they also provide lodging for guests to stay in. What started as a hobby for owner Bill Fry is now a wine paradise with 15 varietals available for tasting at any time including fruit wines and fruit/grape wine blends.

Arizona | Arizona Stronghold Vineyard

Instead of trying to fight against the terrain of Arizona, Arizona Stronghold utilizes the landscape to create unique and prized wines that express the highest quality and value of the wild and fierce region. They have two tasting rooms, host fun events, and have their own wine club called the Archive Club.

Arkansas | Keels Creek Winery

Keels Creek Winery is all about local wines from local grapes. With over 8 acres of land, all the grapes and fruits used in their wines are Arkansas grown. Enjoy the tasting room and have fun frolicking up and down the vineyards while appreciating the delicious wine they create.

California | Long Meadow Ranch

Long Meadow Ranch has three wine estates to explore and taste wines at. It’s family owned who pride themselves on being economically successful and socially responsible by using diversified, sustainable, and organic methods. They also have a wine club with three different memberships to choose from.

Colorado | Carlson Vineyards

The Carlson Vineyards is a family-owned winery making and carrying over 20 different wines. They pride themselves on being approachable and laid back while still upholding quality and consistency. They are known for using sun-ripened local grapes and fruits grown on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

Connecticut | Stonington Vineyards

Stonington Vineyards is best known for its barrel fermented Chardonnay and its proprietary blends. The vineyards are strongly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean creating a maritime climate similar to that in Bordeaux. They also hold fun summer events like a summer concert series and a summer lantern paint and sip. 

Delaware | Harvest Ridge Winery

Harvest Ridge Winery has two tasting locations and pour locally made wines and ciders on their property that spans over two states on the Mason-Dixon line. The property is the existence of one of the original Mason-Dixon’s original witness stones and crown markers - number 47 - located on the property. 

Florida | Summer Crush Vineyard & Winery

Summer Crush is a fun, boutique winery specializing in Muscadine and tropical fruit wines that fall into the sweet or semi-sweet categories. Their goal was to create an exciting winey experience like no other which they have accomplished by having live music every weekend on top of their tours and tastings.

Georgia | Georgia Winery

Established in 1983, the Georgia Winery is the first of its kind in Georgia and the only one in the North Georgia and Chattanooga area. They source grapes that are native to America and produce wine in small batches reducing the number of sulfites and additives needed. Additionally, their wines go through a 9+ month fermentation process to create their specific taste.

Hawaii | Volcano Winery

Volcano Winery is located on the Big Island where you can experience tastings and tours. Their tasting includes 6 different wines dry to sweet and their tour includes a guided vineyard and production room tour followed by 6 classic wine pours and 2 estate teas. They also have their own wine club to enjoy their wine year-round.

Idaho | Ste. Chapelle Winery

Ste. Chapelle Winery collaborates and promotes Idaho wine alongside peer producers through Idaho Grape Growers. Idaho’s high elevations, volcanic soils, and dramatic temperature shifts makes this a unique growing region. They also host a summer concert series and is a beautiful venue for a wedding. 

Illinois | Lynfred Winery

What started as a hobby has evolved into a nationally recognized winemaking operation complete with a luxury bed and breakfast, two tasting rooms, and wine-inspired events. They pride themselves as a charming and beautiful backdrop for memories while offering fine wines in an atmosphere of comfort, courtesy, and fun.

Indiana | Huber’s Orchard, Winery, & Vineyards

Huber’s is Indiana’s largest estate winery where everything from the vine to the bottle is done on the property. All of the fruits and grapes grown on this 600 acre estate are used in the production of over 30 brands of wine, brandies, ports, and infusions. 

Iowa | Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery

Cedar Ridge is rooted right in the Corn Belt where they have acres and acres of Iowa-grown grapes and bushels of corn. Most of their wines are younger and fresher meant for immediate consumption, but they do make and carry premiere wines that are higher quality and aged in oak barrels. 

Kansas | Somerset Ridge Vineyard & Winery

Somerset Ridge prides themselves in making handcrafted, premium wines from their Kansas-grown grapes. Take a walk through over 8,000 of their vines while sipping wine that those grapes produced. You can even help harvest the grapes that make their wines, if you’re interested in learning about their wine-making process.

Kentucky | Purple Toad Winery

Purple Toad creates their fine wine by combining modern winemaking techniques with old world knowledge to produce award winning wines. At this winery you can even request a particular wine to be made, they’ll make a small batch of it to test if it could be a viable concept. They also pride themselves on sourcing the best-quality grapes and fruits for their wines.

Stay tuned for the rest of the states and in the meantime check out four models of electric wine aerators you can take with you to these wineries and vineyards!

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