Best Wine Pairings For Girl Scout Cookies

Best Wine Pairings For Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that time of the year again, Girl Scout Cookie season! It’s near impossible to resist your coworker walking around the office selling for their daughter, or the girls camped outside the local grocery store selling those delicious cookies. 

So when you inevitably give in and buy a box or two here are the best wine pairings for the different types of Girl Scout Cookies.

Thin Mints + Zinfandel

Because of the combination of chocolate and mint, this cookie is a more difficult cookie to pair a wine with. A jammy, full-bodied red wine like a Zinfandel will stand up to this multifaceted cookie.

Samoas + Rosé

A cookie with this much decadent personality needs a wine to match it. A light, dry, juicy rosé with berry, melon, and citrus notes will balance the coconut and caramel in Samoas.

Tagalongs + Tawny Port

The fruity notes of a Tawny Port will create a peanut butter and jelly-like pairing with these peanut butter, vanilla, and chocolate cookies. 

Girl Scout S’mores + Chardonnay

Make this nostalgic treat grown up by pairing it with an oaked, toasty, fruity Chardonnay. The vanilla you often find in Chardonnay plays off the marshmallow in the cookie perfectly.

Trefoils + Prosecco

An acidic, bubbly prosecco is the perfect way to cleanse your palate while enjoying a buttery Trefoil. We recommend a brut prosecco to offset the sweetness of the cookie.

Lemon-Ups + Sauvignon Blanc

Try these zesty cookies with an equally as zesty wine, sauvignon blanc. The citrus notes and juicy acidity of the wine will mingle with the lemon flavors in the cookie making an ideal match.

Do-Si-Dos + Merlot

These peanut butter and oatmeal cookies are best paired with a dark, rich red wine like Merlot. The richness of this red balances the richness of the peanut butter in an exceptional way.

Let us know which Girl Scout Cookie and wine pairing is your favorite! And for those bold red wines that need aeration, check out our line of Aervana Electric Wine Aerators.

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