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Best Boozy Card Games For Your Holiday Gatherings

It’s no secret that drinking games are fun. But sometimes we get bored of playing the same ones over and over again. Luckily for us, there are others who have invented new drinking games to play with our friends and family.

We’ve searched the internet for the top customer rated best boozy cards to play with your loved ones this holiday season and beyond.

buzzed card game


This game keeps it simple while also ensuring each time you play you’ll have a blast. The set comes with 180 cards where each player will take turns drawing a card. The person who draws the card will read the card and depending on the prompt either the player or the group will drink. You can play with as few as 3 people or as many as 20.

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you laugh you drink card game

You Laugh You Drink

Another simple game, this one contains 150 cards. Each player will take turns drawing a card, the card drawer will do whatever the prompt on the card says with the intentions of making a player of choice laugh. If that player laughs, they take a drink. The best players don’t hold back and go all out!

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booze clues card game

Booze Clues

This game includes 4 shot glasses and 100 cards that describe the cliché things that always happen on TV and in movies. All you have to do is deal the cards, turn on the TV, and drink every time a card applies to what you’re watching.

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tipsy chicken card game

Tipsy Chicken

This game comes with 3 different decks of cards; chicken, dare, and goat. Each player will take turns drawing a dare card, if you complete the dare, draw a goat card, and if you don’t do the dare, draw a chicken card. The first person to 13 points wins! You can play with 3 to 9 players.

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do or drink card game

Do Or Drink

Another simple game of draw a card and do whatever it says to. Do or Drink guarantees no boring or dud cards to ensure an exciting and hilarious night. It includes 350 cards so you can play over and over again without getting tired of the same dares over and over again. 

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