Aervana on The Daily Meal

Aervana on The Daily Meal

The Daily Meal specializes in "All Things Food & Drink," and, last week, they put the Aervana to the test for a review. The results? Editor Dan Myers is calling it one of the coolest aeration devices he's encountered.
The fact of the matter is, even if it didn't aerate the wine, the Aervana would still be extremely cool... But Aervana does aerate the wine, and it makes a big difference.

Dan noticed the difference aerating with Aervana makes from expensive bottles to ones on the cheaper side. He also leaves readers with this awesome tip: "You can forego the glass entirely and dispense the wine directly into your mouth, porrón-style. But we didn't tell you that."

Big thanks to The Daily Meal for this great review! Check it out for yourself here.

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