A Mother's Day Ode to Everyone's Favorite: The Wine Mom

Whip out the flowers and the cards, because this Sunday is everyone's favorite day to be reminded of how much we owe to the wonderful women in our lives; the people who fed and cared for us and generally ensured that our lives weren't stricken with catastrophe at every step: Mother's Day.

Moms are essentially the best-ever, and they deserve to have praise heaped on them this Sunday and every day for so lovingly putting up with whatever kind of garbage we can throw at them.

Because Moms are so constantly fielding whatever nonsense life brings our way, they often feel the justified urge to drink. More specifically, as is often the case, the urge to drink wine.


Fact: Moms love wine. Fact: Wine Moms are some of the best, most-lovable social media users out there. They love coffee in the morning, wine at the end (or anytime) of the day, and they love feeling the collective love of moms that have “been there” with all the horrifying, fantastic curveballs motherhood throws their way. As Business Insider wisely put, “But don’t be fooled. Being a Facebook Wine Mom isn't just about loving alcohol. Facebook Wine Moms can be found posting memes or updates about needing coffee, vacations, weekends, or ice cream.” Wine Moms need—and deserve—a lot of things. But mostly we love them for their unabashed realness in the face of their crazy lives, and their commitment to drinking through it all.


Whether on a Facebook page, on the Twitter-verse, or sitting together with a baby pool filled with Chardonnay at book club, Wine Moms are there to raise a glass to all the nutzo things moms deal with. They’re there with a half-crazed smile, some stained yoga-pants, and another glass of vino on the way. We love you Wine Moms.

Mother's Day Real talk from Scary Mommy

Fact: Wine Moms should be celebrated, this weekend more than ever.

So, here’s to you Wine Moms! If you're a mom reading this, I would suggest you follow the advice of the "Moms Who Need Wine" Facebook page admin and put on some Wine Mom jam music, while you pour yourself a much-deserved glass of vino.

Mother's Day

Drink away—this weekend is for you. Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day

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