1 Wine Dude Talks Aervana

1 Wine Dude Talks Aervana

Last week, the serious wine talk from 1 Wine Dude was all about wine products to get excited about this October. Guess who made the list?
In my household, no one, including children, would let me get away with not showing them how it worked after catching a glimpse of it sitting atop an open bottle. Once you press the button on the top, and the whirring starts up, and the wine starts pouring out of the attached spout, it's awesome.

In his review, Joe Roberts of 1 Wine Dude said he had "yet to encounter a wine accessory that's more fun to use than the Aervana." And that's saying something coming from Joe, whose blog is dedicated to helping folks learn about wine in an unpretentious, always hilarious environment. You can check out the full review here.

Thanks, 1 Wine Dude!

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