Aervana Essential Electric Wine Aerator


The Aervana Essential is the newest addition to the Aervana one-touch aeration line, providing the same amazing instant aeration for wines that need to breathe, in a fresh, contemporary format for everyday wine drinkers.

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What if you could get a little more flavor from your favorite red wines? With the Essential Wine Aerator from Aervana, it’s easy. Letting a wine “breathe,” or exposing it to air, is often just the thing to get a smoother, fuller tasting glass. With a simple to use, bottletop design, the Essential allows you to pour your wine in style, while livening up its flavor with a little aeration. Simply attach the single tube that accompanies the Aervana Essential to the body of the aerator, slip the Essential over an open wine bottle, and press the button on top. With a fresh, contemporary look that complements every bottle, the Essential will look great everywhere from your next dinner party to picnics and barbecues. Aerating wine so that you can enjoy its fullest flavor isn’t just for die-hard wine enthusiasts anymore; the Aervana Essential doubles as a personal tap and wine aerator, making it fun, easy and more affordable than ever to get that much more from every glass.