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Reaching Aervana

Aervana is out to enhance the wine experience of wine lovers everywhere. The Aervana brand provides new and sophisticated ways to aerate wine, all with the ease of pushing a button.

It all began when our founder, Lou, and his daughter— an aspiring Master Sommelier— started taking home wines to taste and discuss together. As they stayed up nights sharing stories and impressions over wine, they realized properly aerating the wines that needed it tended to interrupt and distract from the wine experience.

Luckily, in this case, a problem came together with passion and expertise. Lou, a product developer by trade, was able to spend five years testing and developing the Aervana Original— simplifying aeration, while doing it well.

To launch in the United States, Lou gradually seeded a small group of sales and marketing professionals to create the western brand. And, through guerrilla marketing on-the-ground at wine festivals and events, building connections and widening consumer visibility reselling through prestigious wineries, and being dedicated to providing authentic and engaging content to our consumers and followers, Aervana was able to flourish and build a loyal fanbase.

Now, the Aervana Essential is the first exciting step in expanding the Aervana brand into a line of luxury wine products. The Essential takes the same amazing aeration functionality of the Aervana Original, restyles its design for a fresh, contemporary look and pares down some of the Original’s extra functions to arrive at our most approachable price yet for everyday wine drinkers.

And stay tuned for updates on the Aervana Select, our professional aerator launching Spring 2019: with the innovative addition of variable levels of aeration— allowing users to properly aerate and serve any wine in our wine tap format— it goes even further in taking care of the details, so that you can have the best wine experience possible.

While Aervana seamlessly and effectively pours your wine, you can go back to enjoying the wine experience with the folks you love.


You’ve heard it before…

“You really must let your wine ‘breathe’ before drinking it.”

And it’s true, many wines can use a little air after being cooped up in a bottle for so long.

You’ve probably even tasted the difference between an angsty, young, tannic red, punching your palate straight out of the bottle and the same red, “opened - up,” more mature and ready to show off its true flavors and aromas.

Okay — but what are your options to get the job done?

You could pour the wine into a decanter, but, let’s be honest — the pasta is getting cold/ Game of Thrones  started five minutes ago/ it’s already been a long day, etc. — and decanting can take anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours.

You could rummage through your kitchen drawer for one of the many aerating devices on the market. But put a hold on that:

We’ve got something for you that’s doing aeration a little differently.

Aervana works by aerating and dispensing simultaneously, delivering aerated wine to your glass in real time. Once you place Aervana on the bottle, all you have to do is push the button on top for the “aeration magic” to happen.

And, since all it takes is one finger and the push of a button, you can skip the potential mess from dripping and spilling often inherent with gravity  -  fed aerators. Now, with Aervana, that biting, young red is feeling nice and relaxed in your glass, and you can enjoy your evening and your wine at its best.

How long has Aervana been around?

Aervana was launched in March 2015 and is currently sold in the United States and Canada. Our sister brand Vinaera was launched in 2013 in Asian markets.

Where is Aervana located?

Our headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington. We have our warehouse in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

What varietals does Aervana work best with?

Aglianico | Bordeaux blend | Cabernet Sauvignon | Mourvèdre | Nebbiolo | Nero D’Avola | Petit Verdot | Petite Sirah | Syrah (depending on the region) | Tannat | Tempranillo | Touriga Nacional

European Design Award

  • 2018 / Aervana Select
  • Silver Prize Winner

London Intl. Creative Competition

  • 2017 / Aervana Select
  • Short List Winner

Good Design Award

  • 2017 / Aervana Select
  • Good Design Winner

Golden Pin Design Award

  • 2017 / Aervana Select
  • Product Design Winner

Ace Award

  • 2015 / Aervana Original
  • Innovation Award Winner

IHA Innovation Award

  • 2015 / Aervana Original
  • Home Décor + Gift Finalist

RedDot Award

  • 2014 / Aervana Original
  • Best of the Best Winner
For more details, click here…

Aervana is sold under the name Vinaera in Asia and several international locations. Aervana is currently only sold in the United States and Canada. Both Aervana and Vinaera are registered trademarks in the USA and several other countries. Vinaera launched its first model in 2013. Aervana, the American brand, was launched in 2015. Both brands share the same electric wine aerator products, with branding being the only differentiator.

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Read the Buzz on Aervana

Our press team loves working with journalists around the nation to share compelling, unique stories. If you’re a member of the media and would like to to learn more about Aervana, don’t hesitate to get in touch: pr@aervana.com.

Or reach out to one of us directly:

Michi Suzuki
Business Development Director

Anna Elliott
Marketing & Communications Manager

Press Releases and further company information can be downloaded via this link.


Our Team

Louis Christen

Our Founder

Lou launched Aervana in 2015 after putting his expertise in product development to the test, designing a product that does aeration better than any other on the market. The proud father of two beautiful daughters, Lou was inspired by his older daughter’s decision to become a Master Sommelier and sought a way to simplify aeration and return the focus to enjoying wines at their best with his loved ones. A Missouri-native, Lou now lives full-time with his family in Taipei, Taiwan and loves traveling to experience the bounty of different wine regions.

Karen Nahra Waters

MacGyver of Creative Direction

Karen has been at the center of bringing Aervana’s brand image to life from the start. From overseeing the visual identity of the original Aervana, to crafting a digital story through our website and advertising, Karen lends a keen eye and unique style that elevate the Aervana brand. Karen is a military brat who’s deadly-competent with more than just Adobe Creative Suite. From whipping up gourmet meal from whatever happens to be in the fridge, to making up MacGyver-like solutions for whatever you need, Karen is a problem solver who’s not afraid to jump in and get dirty.


Michi Suzuki

Business Development Maven

Michi is responsible for getting the word out on how awesome it is to Reach Aervana. She loves telling stories about great products and places almost as much as she loves drinking wine. Born and raised in Seattle, you know exactly where you can find Michi on Sundays in the fall—don’t mess with this lady’s Seahawk pride! You can always count on Michi to rally people behind a cause. At Aervana, she rallies people to enjoy their wine at its best. In her personal life, she’s rallied people to raise over $75K for cancer research. We’re lucky to have her in our corner!

Steve Sheely

Master-Commander of Sales and E-Commerce

Steve runs a tight ship when it comes to the sales and distribution of Aervana. Whether making partnerships with wineries or putting Aervanas in the hands of E-commerce customers, Steve is always sailing smoothly and living the dream. A self-proclaimed Hufflepuff, Steve is a team-player through and through (and also an excellent finder). His favorite wine to drink with Aervana? The 2012 Super Tuscan from Castello di Amorosa. On a sunny weekend, Steve would love to be out exploring the Olympic Peninsula with his wife and two awesome sons.

Anna Elliott

Marketing Ninja

Anna is at the vanguard of creative marketing, pushing Aervana to engage new audiences and authentically connect with the consumers we do our work for. As the company’s copywriter and copy editor, she controls the written identity of the brand, and drinks a lot of wine to be sure to describe it accurately. When she’s not drinking wine, she’s much more likely drinking beer. A closeted enthusiastic-Yelper, Anna’s on a mission to know every bar, restaurant, and brewery in the city of Seattle. Need a recommendation? She’ll be embarrassingly delighted to suggest one.

Diane Pingarelli

Customer Service Manager Extraordinaire

Diane is the master of all logistics and fulfillment at our warehouse in Bethlehem, PA. If you’ve had an Aervana delivered to you, you can bet that it’s passed through Diane’s highly-capable hands. She’s an absolute wizkid at putting things together—from getting products together at the warehouse to building Lego masterpieces at home. She’s born and raised in Pennsylvania, so, next time you’re passing through Allentown, make sure to stop for some of her Chicken Pot Pie, done the right way, Dutch-style: with homemade noodles (YUM).

Darcy Peters

IT Wizard

If there’s something strange on your Aervana website, who you gonna call? Darcy Peters! Our technical wizard, Darcy is responsible for keeping our digital presence alive, well, and lookin’ good.

Dillon Johnson

Content Magician

Dillon is the overseer for all things social. His #1 priority is getting the community involved. Focusing on what the consumer wants, he helps develop Aervana’s online presence so that it is not only on-brand, but on-trend with the rest of the interwebs. Whether it’s telling you what’s trending or bringing you tips on how to wine and wine hard, he’s got you covered. When his eyes aren’t glued to the screen, he’s out wandering the streets of Seattle on a mission to find the city’s best taco. And probably impulse buying one too many.