Meet the Team

Michi Suzuki


Michi is responsible for getting the word out on how awesome it is to Reach Aervana. She loves telling stories about great products and places almost as much as she loves drinking wine. Born and raised in Seattle, you know exactly where you can find Michi on Sundays in the fall—don’t mess with this lady’s Seahawk pride! You can always count on Michi to rally people behind a cause. At Aervana, she rallies people to enjoy their wine at its best. In her personal life, she’s rallied people to raise over $75K for cancer research. We’re lucky to have her in our corner!

Steve Sheely


Steve runs a tight ship when it comes to the sales and distribution of Aervana. Whether making partnerships with wineries or putting Aervanas in the hands of E-commerce customers, Steve is always sailing smoothly and living the dream. A self-proclaimed Hufflepuff, Steve is a team-player through and through (and also an excellent finder). His favorite wine to drink with Aervana? The 2012 Super Tuscan from Castello di Amorosa. On a sunny weekend, Steve would love to be out exploring the Olympic Peninsula with his two awesome sons.

Alisha Tran


Alisha is at the center of all things digital, engaging and connecting our consumers whether it be through our website, social media, or Google. She portrays the Aervana brand and spreads the word of our products with a green tea in one hand and a keyboard in the other. Alisha left the Chicagoland area where she grew up to embrace the warmth and sunshine of the DFW Metroplex and does so by sunbathing in the backyard with her charming dog. When she’s not relaxing with her dog, she’s working on renovating her midcentury home.

Diane Pingarelli


Diane is the master of all logistics and fulfillment at our warehouse in Bethlehem, PA. If you’ve had an Aervana delivered to you, you can bet that it’s passed through Diane’s highly-capable hands. She’s an absolute wizkid at putting things together—from getting products together at the warehouse to building Lego masterpieces at home. She’s born and raised in Pennsylvania, so, next time you’re passing through Allentown, make sure to stop for some of her Chicken Pot Pie, done the right way, Dutch-style: with homemade noodles (YUM).

Darcy Peters


If there’s something strange on your Aervana website, who you gonna call? Darcy Peters! Our technical wizard, Darcy is responsible for keeping our digital presence alive, well, and lookin’ good.