A lady using the Aervana Select wine aerator to adjust the amount of aeration desired

The Aervana Select: Wine aeration (re)defined

With the turn of a dial, the Aervana Select allows you
to choose exactly the right amount of aeration for the wine being served.

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Meet the Select: The adjustable aerator reshaping how we aerate wine.

Variable Aeration

Stainless steel telescoping tube

Built-in sediment filter

One-touch dispensing

You're in Control

Every bottle of wine is different. The style and age of a wine will affect how much— if any— aeration it can benefit from. The Select makes it quick and easy to adjust the amount of air introduced with the wine so that you can fine-tune the level of aeration to fit the style of wine and your taste preferences.

0° degrees

60° degrees

120° degrees


How is Select different?

Our goal with the original Aervana was to help people experience their wine at its best, instantly and in an elegant format, so that enjoying your wine properly aerated didn’t come at the cost of your time and convenience. Now, with our latest iteration of the Aervana, we’re putting even more control into your hands so that you can experience any wine, exactly how you like it.

Experience the Select difference


With the turn of a dial, Aervana Select adjusts to suit any wine by giving the full range of aeration time from zero to 180 minutes in a traditional decanter.


In ideal circumstances, only metal and glass objects would interact with your wine. We’ve updated to a stainless steel tube that telescopes to adjust to any size bottle.


Aervana Select keeps sediment where it belongs, at the bottom of the bottle, not in your glass. The small filter at the bottom of the tube prevents sediment in older bottles of wine from being dispensed.


It still only takes one finger and the push of a button to “Reach Aervana.” Our bottle-top design turns any bottle into a personal wine tap. Just press the button and watch the magic happen.

A New Way to Reach Aervana

Never before has it been easier to instantly aerate and dispense wines of any style. From those delicate whites to those tannin-heavy reds, the Select gives you the full range to treat wines of any style and age to the perfect level of aeration.

The accessories you need, all in one place.

The Aervana Select comes with everything you need to Reach Aervana.

The Select package includes everything you need to complete your Aervana experience.

Our stainless steel tube telescopes to fit most common wine bottle shapes (from 750ml to 1.5L) and includes a built-in sediment filter.

Our low-profile, elegantly-designed countertop stand is the perfect place to store your Select after you’ve finished enjoying some wine.

Uncork that bottle. It's time for a taste test!

Step One

Uncork a bottle of wine and pour
a small glass.

Step Two

Assemble your Aervana and slip it over the same bottle. Adjust the dial to the desired position based on the varietal being served. Press the button on top to dispense a second small glass.

Step Three

Taste the aerated glass. Take a sip of water, or wait for your palate to clear. Now taste the first, unaerated glass. Based on your experience tasting both glasses, adjust the dial position for more or less aeration to suit your taste, or keep the dial at the suggested position if you are satisfied with the level.

*Please Note: For the Select to function as it does, it needs a small reservoir within the aerator body. The reservoir holds a small amount of wine from the previous pour and will dispense it first after you’ve changed the position of the dial and dispensed again. This means that you either need to purge that small amount of wine before you dispense a glass of wine from the next dial position, or pour a full glass so that the small amount of reservoir wine mingles with a greater amount of the properly aerated wine.

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