brighter image of Aervana essential wine aerator on a wine bottle next to its packaging and corkscrew

The Aervana Essential: One-touch aeration in a new everyday format.

The Aervana Essential provides the same amazing instant aeration for wines that need to breathe as our Original flagship aerator, in a easy-to-use way for the everyday wine drinker.

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Enjoying wine gets even better with a little help from the Essential.

Enjoy aerated wine by the glass with no need to aerate the whole bottle.

In inspiring colors: Our paired-down, glossy-color finishes are perfect for any kitchen.

With a stainless-steel button and dispensing spout, the Essential is guaranteed to be high quality and long lasting.

Isolated image of Aervana Essential in all three colors, blue, white, and yellow

Look What's New!

Now available in three distinct colors to choose from— a beautiful Dusty Blue, our classic Glossy White, or our fun and bright Saffron Essential. Simply grab one of your favorite bottles, and you’re ready for wine night.

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We do aeration differently...

1. Press

Simply attach the single tube that accompanies the Aervana Essential to the body of the aerator, slip the Essential over an open wine bottle, and press the button on top.

2. Aerate

It’s amazing what a little air can do to bring out the best flavors of a wine that’s been trapped in its bottle. The Essential infuses your wine with air as it’s being dispensed, creating the same effect as would exposing a wine to air naturally for about an hour.

3. Transform

Wine experts agree: Many wines, especially younger, red wines, taste smoother and more balanced after “breathing.” The Essential transforms your wine instantly, while leaving the rest of the bottle undisturbed.

Easy To Use

Drinking wine is fun, so aerating wine should be easy. Nothing can stop you from having the best tasting wine, with the Aervana Essential.

Just Three Simple Steps to Reach Aervana

Step One

Open the cap and insert 6 AAA
batteries (not included).

Step Two

Connect the tube and pop the Essential onto an open bottle, tube first.

Step Three

Push the button to pour perfectly
aerated wine.

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