Aervana Select Telescoping Tube


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The Aervana Select Tube includes one stainless steel, telescoping tube compatible with the Aervana Select. The Aervana Select Tube is the same tube as provided with your purchase of an Aervana Select. This updated stainless-steel tube fully telescopes from a discrete, storable size to lengths suitable for both 750 ml and 1.5L wine bottles and ensures only the highest quality materials interact with your wine. Simply attach the tube to your Aervana Select, following the standard instructions provided, and you’ll be ready to aerate your wine.

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The purchase of an Aervana Select includes one stainless-steel tube, fully retractable from 140mm to 325mm for storage, and for use with both standard and magnum-sized wine bottles. The Aervana Select Tube provides a secondary tube to use in addition to the one provided with your original purchase. Shipping: Currently, this item can be shipped only within the U.S and Canada. Extra charges may apply for shipping to Canada.

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